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22 Great Googly Eyes Activities

Every activity is better when it uses Googly Eyes. There is one item in our craft supplies that I make sure we never run out of. Googly Eyes. We use them all the time in our activities. They are such a great way to add a quirky finishing touch to a craft ,make an interesting math manipulative and are a stimulating sensory play ingredient. They are available in all different shapes, sizes and colours. I don't think we will ever tire of using them in… Read More

Making Back to School Resolutions

Do you find it hard to keep your New Year Resolutions? Resolutions are traditionally made in January and generally broken by March. The euphoria of December followed by the harsh realities of January, is probably not the best time to set realistic goals for your year ahead. Why not start to make your resolutions in September instead when the kids head back to school? This September sees all three of my kids heading out to full-time school for the first time. They've all just about… Read More

Paint your own fairy door finished

Invite the magical world of fairies into your home, with the new "Paint Your Own Fairy Door" creative craft set from the Irish Fairy Door Company. My sons are already well acquainted with the Tooth Fairy.  Many teeth have already been exchanged for coins and notes have passed back and forth between them. My daughter is almost willing her first tooth to come out (she's only 4 1/2 though, so she probably has a bit of a wait). The magic of fairies doesn't have to be… Read More

Review of Gel-a-Peel Deluxe Kit

Do your kid love to make and design their own fashion jewelry and accessories? Have you tired using Gel-A-Peel yet? The Gel-A-Peel Deluxe Kit is packed with everything you need to make your own fashion jewelry and fun accessories. Choose your design, apply the Gel-A-Peel and then peel it off. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  5 different coloured Gel-A-Peel tubes - that's enough to make 100 bracelets and acccessories. 24 Templates to choose from including designs for bracelets, headbands, earring and keychains… Read More

Let's Play Fairies

Escape into the magical world of Fairies with our guide to Fairy Activities for Kids. Do you believe in Fairies? Whether you believe or not, indulging your kids in some magical fairy activities is a sure way to capture and expand their growing imaginations. Whether you want to dress up as a fairy, make some fairy themed arts and crafts or want to escape into a fairy small world we have it all covered below. And we have chosen only the best activities to sprinkle… Read More

Bubble Wrap Play Mat for Preschoolers

Our Bubble Wrap Play Mat is quick to set up and sure to entertain. It's the perfect antidote to a wet afternoon. It hasn't stopped raining all day and your kids are getting tired and cranky. You really have to prepare the dinner, so you need a fun activity that you can set up quickly and that will amuse all of your kids. You need to try our Bubble Wrap Play Mat. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  Our Bubble Wrap Play Mat… Read More

Sunflower Fine Motor Play for Kids

Working on fine motor skills and encouraging pretend play, this is the perfect activity to do with your sunflowers at the end of the summer. Did you grow sunflowers with your kids this year? We did and we have had a bumper crop. Our tallest sunflower measured 2.25m (our tallest sunflower to date). But unfortunately a big summer storm blew them all down this week (the perils of living by the sea). We have one sunflower head hanging upside down in the shed, so that… Read More

Back to School Tips from a Mom

Do you spend most of summer break stressing about getting everything ready for Back to School? Follow our Back to School Tips to cut the stress and maximize your summer holiday fun. We have all enjoyed and reaped the benefits of our relaxed summer routines. Betimes have been later (for all of us). Mornings have been lazier and relaxed (the kids can now make their own breakfast. Result). And our days have been filled with simple trips to the beach and playground, plus catching up… Read More

Awesome Outdoor Finger Painting Recipe

Do your windows need cleaning? If so, then mix up our awesome outdoor finger painting recipe. It doubles up as a fun window soap for kids which clean's your windows, as they play and create. Cleaning the windows is my least favourite household chore, so it rarely gets done. Until I came up with a fun way to get my kids involved in the job. Shaving foam is soap right? So there's no reason why it can't be used to soap down windows. Add in… Read More

Indoor Rain Painting for Preschoolers

It's pouring with rain and your preschooler is getting bored. This can soon be fixed when you set up our Indoor Rain Painting Painting for Preschoolers activity. Painting is the perfect activity to set up for your kids on a rainy day. It's quick to put together and is suitable for kids of all ages to participate. We regularly bring out our painting box (there's a reason Ireland is so green!) over here at Crafty Kids at Home. Our favourite painting projects so far include Tape Resist… Read More