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Summer Learning Beach Name Collage Summer Learning Beach Name Collage

Head down to the beach and make a fun Name Collage using stones and pebbles. A fun learning activity for preschoolers working on name recognition. When the weather allows (and sometimes when it doesn't) we love to pack up a picnic and head down to our local beach. My kids go mad for a spot of hole digging (in pursuit of treasure usually), sandcastle building and paddling fun. It's also great to bring some of our activities down to the beach. There's nothing like a… Read More

Cupcake liner jellyfish craft

You could say that we are a little obsessed with all things Under the Sea over here at Crafty Kids at Home. Living by the sea has a huge influence over our activities and here is our latest creation, a cute cupcake liner jellyfish craft. Supplies Blue cupcake liners Googly eyes Pipecleaners Paper Glue Black marker Ahead of the activity I cut the blue cupcake liners in half to use for the jellyfish body. I also snipped the pipe-cleaners into small pieces to use for… Read More

Fun Fruit Kebabs

Tired of the same old after school snack ideas? Then why not try one (or two) of our Fun Fruit Kebabs. They will give your child a much needed fruity energy boost after a busy day in school, along with a little treat as well. My kids always come home from school starving and are immediately on the look out for snacks. They enjoy the usual after school snacks of: Sandwiches Crackers and cheese Bread sticks and hummus Fruit Crisps or popcorn But as we head… Read More

Art Projects for Kids Inspired by Famous Artists

Art History is a fun and interesting subject to explore with children of all ages and it's never too early to start. Famous artists had different ways of creating art, all of which can eagerly be explored by budding young artists too. Different materials and textures can be used to provide a multi-sensory art projects for kids, whilst also teaching children about the history of art. Learn about Piet Mondrian and make this pretty sun catcher. Draw like Paul Klee and make a head of a cat, dog or person… Read More

Magical Mud Pies

Get back to basics this summer and make some mud pies with your kids. This summer we are stepping back from our screens (for most of the day anyway) and getting back to basics with our summer activities. When the sun is shining we are going to be heading down to the beach or out to the playground, eating picnics and playing games or doing arts and crafts out in our garden. This is where the memories are made, not sitting behind a screen. We… Read More

Beach Activities Make a Collage

Next time you hit the beach, bring along clipboards, paper and glue and create your own collage. We are always looking for fun new beach activities to try and this was a big hit with my kids (it even gave me the chance to read a chapter of a book). To make the most of the lovely sunny weather we have been having, we have been taking some of our activities outside. We have already enjoyed a backyard picnic and made miniature fairy gardens outside… Read More

Cupcake liner duck craft

Raid your baking supplies and make a super cute duck craft with your colorful cupcake liners. My daughter has a slight obsession with ducks right now. She campaigned hard for a duck themed birthday cake and well I gave it my best shot. We even bought rubber ducks for the party favors as well. They were a huge hit. Bella is still playing with hers and  brought them along on a recent "Paddling Pool Play date" to swim alongside her. So when it came to… Read More

Teacher Appreciation Card Say it with Flowers

Say thank you to your teacher at the end of the school year, with one of our fabulous flower cards crafted with cupcake cases. Teacher appreciation cards are the ideal keepsake to give to a special teacher and mean so much more when your child has made them. We only have a few weeks left now until our long Summer break over here in Ireland, so it's time to start thinking about our teacher appreciation cards and gifts. This year marks our final preschool graduation… Read More

Sibling Summer Activities

Make this a summer to remember with an action packed activity schedule that is full of activities for siblings to do together. Being a busy mum of 3 kids, I know how hard it can be to juggle long summer days at home with your kids. We all relish the break from our routines that the school holidays bring with them, but the novelty of long lazy mornings can soon wear off and you start to hear calls of "I'm bored" before you know it… Read More

20 + Zoo Crafts for Kids

Zoo animals! Kids love going to the zoo to see and learn about different animals. And making Zoo Crafts when you get home is a great way to extend the fun.! A zoo theme/study unit is also perfect for preschoolers. Get started with these adorable Giraffe Activities. We love these Bubble Wrap Giraffes, Fingerprint Giraffes and Finger Puppet Giraffes. These  Zoo Animal Pom Poms could be used as decoration for a nursery or as soft toys for kids. Have fun with some Zoo themed pretend play… Read More