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Apple Pecan Salad

When you hear apple, followed quickly by pecan, what you expect next may be pie? Or tart? Possibly muffin? How about Salad? Not so much. Well hold on now, I’ve got a super tasty apple pecan salad for you to try, and you are going to love it! It's time for a another mouth watering recipe from Evelyne of Nemcsok Farms. She has already shared her tasty Grilled Pork Chops with Apple Butter and perfect Parmesan Baked Fish Fillets. What gives this salad its unique taste is the roasted… Read More

Tin Foil Painting Process Art Activity

Keep school holidays boredom at bay, with this quick set up Fine Motor Foil Painting activity for kids of all ages to enjoy. We are now settled into our relaxed summer schedule, as we celebrate the end of week 3 of our school holidays. We've been slowing down our days and going outside for lots of fresh air and fun. Once back inside, I have been keeping our activities quick and simple to set up. (To match the present pace of our days.) Simple Painting Projects like… Read More

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Keep your kids playing outside this summer break and away from their screens, with our fun outdoor projects for kids that won't burst your summer budget. When the weather permits (and sometimes when it doesn't) my kids love to play outside. It can be something as simple as riding their bikes or kicking a ball around that will keep them occupied for long afternoons. A tub of chalk goes along way on a sunny day as well (and is a great way to add a dash… Read More

Parmesan Baked Fish Fillets

Baked fish fillets with this rich sauce is a delightful and cheesy way to enjoy fish with a surprisingly tasty crumb topping. Welcome back to Evelyne from Nemcsok Farms who is sharing a tasty recipe series over at Crafty Kids at Home. We have already enjoy Grilled Pork Chops with Apple Butter. If you have any avid fishermen and fisherwomen in your home, or are one yourself, you already know that there is nothing better in the world, than pan fried fish, and revelling in the… Read More

Dinosaur Painting on Foil

Combine a love of dinosaurs and art in this fun Dinosaur Painting Activity on Foil. We had Bella's Dinosaur mad and green obsessed friend over to play and I had just the activity to keep them both busy. A spot of Dinosaur Painting on some tinfoil out of the kitchen cupboard, along with lots and lots of green paint. Quick and simple to set up. It's just the kind of activity that works well for a playdate or for siblings to do together. Toy Dinosaurs Tin… Read More

Great grilled pork chops with apple butter

A tasty grilled pork chops entrée that is perfect for wrapping up a busy day. These pork chops are savoury with a hint of sweet, and all around delicious. We are mixing things up a bit over here at Crafty Kids at Home this month, sharing a tasty recipe series from the fantastic Evelyne from Nemcsok Farms. Summer is definitely the season for grilling (and so is every other season as far as I am concerned) . What can be better than a grilled entrée that… Read More

Cupcake Liner Crafts for Kids

Cupcake liners are great for kids crafting. They are readily available and you can get them in all kinds of pretty patterns and colours. Here are some of the cutest cupcake liner crafts around to get you started. Sea creatures like Fish or this Jelly Fish are easy to make with cupcake liners. Make this  special Turtle Themed Mother's Day Card or use cupcake liners with makers in an invitation to create activity. Your kids can then use their own imaginations to create any picture they want and then why not turn… Read More

Felt flower craft for Kids

Are you looking for a special teacher appreciation gift? Make our fantastic felt flower craft and give a gift of flowers that will last as long as their memories. Last week marked the end of an era in my life as a parent. I made my last ever trip to Preschool with my youngest daughter.  I came out a blubbering wreck, whereas B came beaming with excitement as she eagerly awaits her next learning adventure, "Big School." To go along with her teacher appreciation card, we… Read More

Fine Motor Tools Pom Pom Drop

Our fun Pom-Pom Drop Activity using Fine Motor Tools is quick and easy to set up. Making it ideal for those times when you need to keep your preschooler busy on their own. Poor Bella is not having a great time of it this month. She is no football fan, so all of the coverage of Euro 2016 is driving her mad. Then when the matches are over, her brothers are straight out again to play and talk about football with their friends. My boys… Read More

Beach Activities for Kids

Whether you are looking for things to do on the beach with kids or just looking for some Beach Activities to do at home, we have it all covered in this fun round up. After searching in rock pools for crabs why not make your own Cute Paper Plate Crab when you get home. There is no danger of this Bubble Wrap Jellyfish Craft stinging you or our Cute Cupcake Liner Jellyfish Craft. You might not see a real mermaid at the beach, but you… Read More