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Elmer Day Craft Felt Collage

Celebrate Elmer Day on May 28th with our colorful felt collage that all of your kids can have a go at. Elmer is no ordinary elephant and nor would he want to be. Elmer is a brightly coloured pathwork elephant with a cheeky sense of humour. Author David Mckee wrote the Elmer the Elephant series to help young children all over the world celebrate their own uniqueness. To celebrate Elmer's special day I challenged my 3 kids to make their own patchwork Elmer using different… Read More

10 magical fairy gardens for kids

Creating a magical fairy garden with your kids is a lovely way to make memories together that will last a lifetime. I still remember making them with my granny when I was a child and now I love to make them with my own children during the summer. My sons in particular feel a strong connection to fairies and are forever leaving their own "Tooth Fairies"  little notes filled with questions along with their milk teeth. Their faces are a picture when they read their replies… Read More

Bubble Wrap Ice Cream Craft

Say hello to Summer with our colourful Bubble Wrap Ice Cream Craft.   When the sun is shining and you are enjoying a trip to the beach or the park with your kids, there is nothing better to cool you down than a delicious ice-cream. Unfortunately, ice-cream time on a trip out has become a little more trick,y since our middle son was diagnosed as being Dairy Intolerant around a year ago. But we are starting to see more alternatives coming onto the market, which… Read More

How to make a miniature fairy garden How to make a miniature fairy garden

Make some treasured memories this summer with your kids as you create a Miniature Fairy Garden together. A natural gardener I am not, but what I lack in skill, I make up for in enthusiasm. Every year I like to try something new in our garden with my kids. And this year we are all about growing vegetables and making our own miniature fairy garden to protect it (wishful thinking I know, but I am willing to try anything to keep the slugs at bay)… Read More

Stress Free Guide to Travel with your Dairy Free Child

Travelling with kids is stressful enough, throw in a dairy intolerant child and it becomes even more so. But don't let your child's food allergy hold you back from exploring the world with them. One of my own sons is dairy intolerant, so I am very excited to have a dairy free expert over on the blog today to share her tips on how to plan a stress free holiday with a dairy intolerant or dairy allergic child. We are just getting to grips with… Read More

Kandinsky for Kids Lines and Circles

Invite your child to look at a famous work of art and then set them the challenge of creating their own mini master piece. Make a start with our Kandinsky for Kids Lines and Circles Art Activity.   In an attempt to broaden our artistic horizons we have been busy looking at pictures of famous works of art together. It has been enlightening to hear my own kids thoughts and opinions as we have looked through art books and websites together. And it has been… Read More

Salt Dough Craft for Fathers Day

Make a unique salt dough craft in the style of Niki de Saint Phalle for an art loving Dad this Father's Day. We love painting and making over here at Crafty Kids at Home and we are always keen to try out different materials and techniques in our projects. Over the next few weeks I will be inviting my children to look at different works of art by famous artists and then asking them to have a go at re-creating the ideas and techniques used to… Read More

Back yard Teddy Bears Picnic

You don't have to leave your house to enjoy a picnic with your kids. Why not load up a tray with picnic snacks and head outside into your own garden and host a Backyard Teddy Bear's Picnic. Due to the unpredictable nature of the Irish weather (there's a good reason we are known as the Emerald Isle!) when the sun does make an appearance we drop everything and head outdoors. The fresh air always makes my kids hungry, so bringing a picnic is as essential as our sunscreen… Read More

30 Bug Activities for Kids

Bug activities are a brilliant theme to do with kids of all ages! Here are some of the best bugs activities for kids from around the web! Invitations to create are a fun way to spark your children's imaginations, try this Create a Bug activity. Make cute Honey Bees, Egg Carton Ladybugs or Eric Carle Inspired Ladybugs! Reuse recyclables and make Bottle Cap Bugs or Plastic Spoon Bugs. Turn paper plates into mini beasts. Teach symmetry with this colourful Butterfly Symmetry Craft. Stone Bugs pretty up any garden bed or make your own adorable Bookmark Buddies. Have some fun with Fly Swatter Painting… Read More

Play Date Activities Guide

The kids have been getting along great on their play date, but then they start to run out of playtime ideas, tiredness starts to creep in or worst case scenario they fall out and somebody wants to go home early! What do you do then to get things back on track until collection time? I like to have a list of Play Date Activities to hand, so that I can step in with a suggestion to distract them. And to ensure the other mum gets their well deserved… Read More