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Why not work on a  beautiful Watercolor Love Hearts Process Art activity with a friend this Valentine's Day? The boys were out for the day, so Bella was enjoying some quality time with her neighborhood BFF. They played with their dolls for a time, but then they started to tire of this and I soon caught them raiding the Christmas sweet supplies! Before they could get up to any more mischief, I stepped in with a simple love heart themed process art activity for them… Read More

Recycled Love Bug Valentines Cards for Kids to make

Even Though I Bug You...I Still Love You! Soothe sibling rivalry with these simple Recycled Love Bug Valentines Cards for sibling to make for each other.  Do you sometimes feel more like a referee than a mom? Dealing with silly squabbles and breaking up tussles between my two youngest two kids is starting to take it's toll on my own energy levels and my patience is running thin. Sibling rivalry between my 4 and 7 year old kids is at an all-time high right now… Read More

5 cool snowman crafts for kids 1

Snow isn't the only way to build a snowman. If you don't have access to the cold stuff, raid your craft supplies instead and paint or make your own snowman. Whilst you keep warm and cosy inside. Snow is not something that my kids have had much experience of yet. I'm pretty sure only my eldest son has seen enough to ride a sledge on. And he is definitely the only one of my kids to have built a snowman outside. Some would say that… Read More

Penguin Winter Art Project for Kids

There is nothing more beautiful than Kid-Made Art. Let your child take control in this Penguin Winter Art Project and watch as they create their own unique Penguins.  Penguins are so adorable and my son has become fascinated with them after studying them for a winter project in school. In class they had all cut out and made very simple Penguin collages, as part of their project. He was keen to share this idea and take it further at home with his big brother after… Read More

11 Paper Snowflake Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for a new way to create a classic Paper Snowflakes Craft this winter with your kids? Making Paper Snowflakes is a classic Winter craft for kids. Do you remember making them as a kid? I do and now I love to make the with my own children. Things have moved on a good deal since I just folded over a sheet of a paper and snipped away. There are now so many cool ideas for adding new and interesting details to your… Read More

Add a new twist to a Winter classic when you make our Bubble Wrap Snowflake Art Project with your kids. Some arts and crafts activities will never go out of fashion. I remember making many snowflakes when I was a child. Now I enjoy making them with my own children every Winter. To jazz our snowflake art up this year, we have teamed them up with our favourite junk art material - Bubble Wrap. Bubble Wrap is brilliant for adding a quirky new texture to… Read More

Kid-made Thank You Cards

Don't throw away your used Christmas Cards, Christmas Crackers and Christmas Wrapping Paper just yet. Instead use some to add a unique design to your DIY Christmas Thank You Cards this year.  Our Christmas Holidays will soon be coming to a close. It's been fun, but we are all starting to crave our normal routines again. It's been an indulgent couple of weeks. Have you taken your Christmas decorations down yet? I must admit I am itching to get them down now. I really want… Read More

New Year's Eve Party Art Project for Kids

Making your own New Year's Eve Party decorations is a great way to get your kids involved in your party preparations. Just remember that there is no such thing as too much glitter... Long gone are the days when all 3 of my kids are tucked up in bed before our New Year's Eve party begins. They still won't quite make it up until midnight (I hope not anyway), but they will be around for more of our party than before. This means it's time… Read More

The Ultimate Guide to New Years Eve Activities for Kids

Just because your little ones can't stay awake until midnight (hopefully not anyway!). It doesn't mean that they have to miss out on all of the New Year's Eve Party fun.    We have searched the internet to bring you all of the best ideas in one place. Our "Ultimate Guide to New Year's Eve Activities for Kids" includes everything you will need to host the perfect New Year's Eve Party with your kids. With a bit of luck all of the extra excitement will… Read More

DIY Bird Seed Baubles for Kids to Make this Winter.

DIY Bird Seed Baubles are the perfect Christmas treat for garden birds. Simple to make and a great way for kids to decorate a Christmas Tree in your garden.  Every December we all head outdoors together as a family to decorate a Christmas Tree. Traditionally we have headed up to our local woods with a few spare baubles and hung them along one of our regular walking trails.  This year we just didn't have the energy for a long hike (it's been a long period… Read More