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Bubble Wrap Shamrock Man. Kids Craft for St Patricks Day.

Add a fun new twist to a classic St Patrick's Day Kids Craft. Make a Bubble Wrap Shamrock Man. It's time to kiss goodbye to our Valentine's Hearts and say hello to some Shamrocks, Leprechauns and Rainbows. St Patrick's Day wasn't a festival we paid much attention too, until me moved our family over to Ireland 7 years ago. Now our local parade is  a Spring highlight. As is decorating our home in the run up to St Patrick's Day. All three of my kids… Read More

Valentine Cupcakes Sensory Play

Do your kids love to "bake"? Encourage budding imaginations and build strong fine motor skills, with our Valentine Cupcake Sensory Play for kids.  I don't know why, but whenever I set up a Sensory Play activity that involves scooping, mixing and pouring, we always seem to end up with a batch of "pretend cupcakes". Not that i'm complaining (although it does usually leave me feeling hungry for the real thing!). Adding their own imagination to  a sensory play activity is what it's all about. It… Read More

Do you know what happens to tissue paper when you pour water over it? Find out when you create your own Tissue Paper Canvas Art Project.  It seems to be one sick day after the other for somebody in our house right now. Hurry  up Spring, we are so sick of these Winter bugs now! To cheer my son up on a recent sick day, we sat down enjoy a Tissue Paper Canvas Art Project together. We decided on a Valentines Day theme for our… Read More

Do your kids like to tinker with little things? Combine this love with some sensory play in our Play Dough and Loose Parts Play.  My kids love too tinker with their little collections of "stuff". My boys spend hours organising and re-organising their soccer trading cards and lining up their Lego mini-figures all over the house. And my daughter is obsessed with those little beanie boo toys and her collection is growing and spreading throughout the house. It's driving my husband to distraction as he… Read More

Once your kids have fueled up for the day with cereal, use the empty cereal box to fuel their imaginations. Turn it into a Small Farm World with just a few bits and bobs you probably already have to hand.  Every weekend we leave breakfast out for the kids, so that we can sneak a little lie in. This does mean that we always come down to a kitchen table (and floor!) covered in crumbs and we go through mountains of cereal, as one bowl… Read More

DIY Love Bug Word Wand Literacy Aid

Encourage reluctant readers to love reading with a little help from their very own DIY Word Wand.  When your 4 year old comes in from school, homework is far from their mind. They want to eat, play and have a cuddle on the sofa. But the reality is homework has to be done. To help motivate my own daughter with her reading homework, we made some fun Word Wands. They are really helping to add a little magic to our reading time together, rather than… Read More

I bet you won't be able to resist diving into this Valentines Sensory Play activity filled with ice hearts, waterbeads and shaving foam, when  you set it up for your kids! There is something about the silky texture of shaving foam against the smoothness of waterbeads, that really engages my daughters. Whenever I combine the two of them in a sensory play activity, it is always a big hit. With Valentines Day just around the corner, it was time to add some love and hearts… Read More

Why not work on a  beautiful Watercolor Love Hearts Process Art activity with a friend this Valentine's Day? The boys were out for the day, so Bella was enjoying some quality time with her neighborhood BFF. They played with their dolls for a time, but then they started to tire of this and I soon caught them raiding the Christmas sweet supplies! Before they could get up to any more mischief, I stepped in with a simple love heart themed process art activity for them… Read More

Recycled Love Bug Valentines Cards for Kids to make

Even Though I Bug You...I Still Love You! Soothe sibling rivalry with these simple Recycled Love Bug Valentines Cards for sibling to make for each other.  Do you sometimes feel more like a referee than a mom? Dealing with silly squabbles and breaking up tussles between my two youngest two kids is starting to take it's toll on my own energy levels and my patience is running thin. Sibling rivalry between my 4 and 7 year old kids is at an all-time high right now… Read More

5 cool snowman crafts for kids 1

Snow isn't the only way to build a snowman. If you don't have access to the cold stuff, raid your craft supplies instead and paint or make your own snowman. Whilst you keep warm and cosy inside. Snow is not something that my kids have had much experience of yet. I'm pretty sure only my eldest son has seen enough to ride a sledge on. And he is definitely the only one of my kids to have built a snowman outside. Some would say that… Read More