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Back to School Tips from a Mom

Do you spend most of summer break stressing about getting everything ready for Back to School? Follow our Back to School Tips to cut the stress and maximize your summer holiday fun. We have all enjoyed and reaped the benefits of our relaxed summer routines. Betimes have been later (for all of us). Mornings have been lazier and relaxed (the kids can now make their own breakfast. Result). And our days have been filled with simple trips to the beach and playground, plus catching up… Read More

Awesome Outdoor Finger Painting Recipe

Do your windows need cleaning? If so, then mix up our awesome outdoor finger painting recipe. It doubles up as a fun window soap for kids which clean's your windows, as they play and create. Cleaning the windows is my least favourite household chore, so it rarely gets done. Until I came up with a fun way to get my kids involved in the job. Shaving foam is soap right? So there's no reason why it can't be used to soap down windows. Add in… Read More

Indoor Rain Painting for Preschoolers

It's pouring with rain and your preschooler is getting bored. This can soon be fixed when you set up our Indoor Rain Painting Painting for Preschoolers activity. Painting is the perfect activity to set up for your kids on a rainy day. It's quick to put together and is suitable for kids of all ages to participate. We regularly bring out our painting box (there's a reason Ireland is so green!) over here at Crafty Kids at Home. Our favourite painting projects so far include Tape Resist… Read More

28 Creative Process Art Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for some new creative painting ideas to try with your kids? The most creative ideas come from your child's imagination, so why not have a go at some of these fun Process Art activities and see where they take them. Process Art activities are an important part of a preschoolers learning and development. Why? Too many times a product (adult envisioned) type of activity is planned, leaving no room for creativity. With process art, kids can be creative and explore art mediums… Read More

Vanilla Basted Ribs Recipe

You know what’s better than ribs? Ribs that smell like dessert, and taste like candy! This is by far our favourite ribs recipe, and it will be at your house too! We are mixing things up  over here at Crafty Kids at Home this month, sharing a tasty recipe series from the fantastic Evelyne from Nemcsok Farms. We have already enjoyed some Grilled Pork Chops with Apple Butter, Parmesan Fish Fillets and an Apple Pecan Salad. Yes indeed vanilla! And definitely yes on your ribs! And while… Read More

Pointillism for Kids

Are you looking for a fun painting idea that is quick to set up and easy to do? Our Pointillism Art Project ticks all the boxes and will keep your kids busy for ages. My kids call then dot paintings, Georges Seurat and Paul Signac named this painting technique Pointillism back in 1866. This fun painting idea needs just a few simple supplies to get your kids busy creating their own dottty masterpieces. Pointillism:  is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of… Read More

Apple Pecan Salad

When you hear apple, followed quickly by pecan, what you expect next may be pie? Or tart? Possibly muffin? How about Salad? Not so much. Well hold on now, I’ve got a super tasty apple pecan salad for you to try, and you are going to love it! It's time for a another mouth watering recipe from Evelyne of Nemcsok Farms. She has already shared her tasty Grilled Pork Chops with Apple Butter and perfect Parmesan Baked Fish Fillets. What gives this salad its unique taste is the roasted… Read More

Tin Foil Painting Process Art Activity

Keep school holidays boredom at bay, with this quick set up Fine Motor Foil Painting activity for kids of all ages to enjoy. We are now settled into our relaxed summer schedule, as we celebrate the end of week 3 of our school holidays. We've been slowing down our days and going outside for lots of fresh air and fun. Once back inside, I have been keeping our activities quick and simple to set up. (To match the present pace of our days.) Simple Painting Projects like… Read More

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Keep your kids playing outside this summer break and away from their screens, with our fun outdoor projects for kids that won't burst your summer budget. When the weather permits (and sometimes when it doesn't) my kids love to play outside. It can be something as simple as riding their bikes or kicking a ball around that will keep them occupied for long afternoons. A tub of chalk goes along way on a sunny day as well (and is a great way to add a dash… Read More

Parmesan Baked Fish Fillets

Baked fish fillets with this rich sauce is a delightful and cheesy way to enjoy fish with a surprisingly tasty crumb topping. Welcome back to Evelyne from Nemcsok Farms who is sharing a tasty recipe series over at Crafty Kids at Home. We have already enjoy Grilled Pork Chops with Apple Butter. If you have any avid fishermen and fisherwomen in your home, or are one yourself, you already know that there is nothing better in the world, than pan fried fish, and revelling in the… Read More