10 Valentines Day Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Add some love to your learning in the run up to Valentine’s Day with our Top 10 Valentine’s Day Preschool Learning Activities.

valentines day learning fun for preschoolers

Begin by sitting down with your preschooler to enjoy making and learning together with our Love Heart Number Recognition Butterflies.


  • Large Heart Cutter
  • Pink and Red Paper
  • Black Marker Pen
  • 5 Pegs

Ahead of the activity

  • Cut out 5 pink and 5 red hearts.
  • Write the numbers 1-5 on the pink hearts.
  • Draw the corresponding number of dots onto the red hearts.
  • Add a smiley face on top of each of the pegs.

Valentines Day Learning with Love Heart Number Recognition Butterflies

love heart number recognition butterflies

I laid the 10 hearts out across our kitchen table, along with the pegs and sat down with my daughter.

Bella enjoyed clipping the pegs onto her fingers as we started to look at the numbered hearts together. After stepping into unclip them, we were ready to begin working through the activity.

I asked Bella to locate number 1 and then to find the matching number of dots on the other butterfly wing. Once she had done this, I then asked her to clip the two pieces together to make her first butterfly.

She was reluctant to use the pegs to clip the two hearts together as it “is too hard mummy.” I stepped in with some gentle encouragement and a quick demonstration of how to do it. Then after a couple of attempts, she was confidently clipping the wings together, as she worked her way through each of the numbers.

love heart number recognition butterflies

She didn’t clip the correct two hearts every time, but she was starting to recognize the smaller numbers by the end of the session and I am confident we can build on this next time we try the activity together.

Once all of the butterflies were clipped together, she had fun flying them aloud and then removing all of the pegs to put back on her own fingers!

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Here are 9 more Valentine’s Day Learning Activities to try with your Preschoolers.

Stickers are a brilliant boredom buster for kids and a great tool to work those all important fine motor skills. Have a go at these heart shaped Matching Stickers Lacing Cards from Teach Me Mommy.

Explore the concept of ice with our Simple Melting Hearts Preschool Science Experiment. A perfect indoor activity to do in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

Before you eat all of your Conversation Hearts (or good old Love Hearts to us) enjoy some hands on learning fun with them from Playground Park bench.

Sit down with your kids and enjoy threading hearts (great for developing strong fine motor skills) onto this lovely Heart Garland from Powerful Mothering.

This Valentine’s Counting and Color Sorting activity from Teaching 2 and 3 year old’s is perfect for individuals or small groups pf children to work on together.

Have fun with this Melting Hearts science experiment from The Gingerbread House and watch what happens when vinegar is poured over baking soda hearts.

There are so many ways to learn with these free Valentine Number Play Dough Mats from Life Over C’s.

Get hands on with this Maths Station from Nurture Store, which includes lots of multi-sensory activities for your kids to explore as they learn.

Make Conversation Hearts have a good old bop in this Dancing Conversation Hearts science experiment from Playdough to Plato.

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