Painted Wooden Spoon Puppets

Grow budding imaginations with Pet Stones and Wooden Spoon Puppets this Summer Break. Are you surviving the Summer Holidays? We are into Week 4 here and so far so good. The weather has been fantastic (only 1 really wet day so far!) so to be honest we haven’t had our arts and crafts out very much. The kids have been more than happy playing outside and I have been enjoying watching them from the sidelines with my cuppa and kindle. When we have been feeling… Read More

Magical Mud Pies

Get back to basics this summer and make some mud pies with your kids. This summer we are stepping back from our screens (for most of the day anyway) and getting back to basics with our summer activities. When the sun is shining we are going to be heading down to the beach or out to the playground, eating picnics and playing games or doing arts and crafts out in our garden. This is where the memories are made, not sitting behind a screen. We… Read More

Sibling Summer Activities

Make this a summer to remember with an action packed activity schedule that is full of activities for siblings to do together. Being a busy mum of 3 kids, I know how hard it can be to juggle long summer days at home with your kids. We all relish the break from our routines that the school holidays bring with them, but the novelty of long lazy mornings can soon wear off and you start to hear calls of “I’m bored” before you know it… Read More

Teacher Appreciation Card Say it with Flowers

Say thank you to your teacher at the end of the school year, with one of our fabulous flower cards crafted with cupcake cases. Teacher appreciation cards are the ideal keepsake to give to a special teacher and mean so much more when your child has made them. We only have a few weeks left now until our long Summer break over here in Ireland, so it’s time to start thinking about our teacher appreciation cards and gifts. This year marks our final preschool graduation… Read More

Sunflower Fine Motor Play for Kids

Working on fine motor skills and encouraging pretend play, this is the perfect activity to do with your sunflowers at the end of the summer. Did you grow sunflowers with your kids this year? We did and we have had a bumper crop. Our tallest sunflower measured 2.25m (our tallest sunflower to date). But unfortunately a big summer storm blew them all down this week (the perils of living by the sea). We have one sunflower head hanging upside down in the shed, so that… Read More

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Outdoor Activities for Kids

Keep your kids playing outside this summer break and away from their screens, with our fun outdoor projects for kids that won’t burst your summer budget. When the weather permits (and sometimes when it doesn’t) my kids love to play outside. It can be something as simple as riding their bikes or kicking a ball around that will keep them occupied for long afternoons. A tub of chalk goes along way on a sunny day as well (and is a great way to add a dash… Read More

Felt flower craft for Kids

Are you looking for a special teacher appreciation gift? Make our fantastic felt flower craft and give a gift of flowers that will last as long as their memories. Last week marked the end of an era in my life as a parent. I made my last ever trip to Preschool with my youngest daughter.  I came out a blubbering wreck, whereas B came beaming with excitement as she eagerly awaits her next learning adventure, “Big School.” To go along with her teacher appreciation card, we… Read More

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Beach Activities Make a Collage

Next time you hit the beach, bring along clipboards, paper and glue and create your own collage. We are always looking for fun new beach activities to try and this was a big hit with my kids (it even gave me the chance to read a chapter of a book). To make the most of the lovely sunny weather we have been having, we have been taking some of our activities outside. We have already enjoyed a backyard picnic and made miniature fairy gardens outside… Read More


Creating a magical fairy garden with your kids is a lovely way to make memories together that will last a lifetime. I still remember making them with my granny when I was a child and now I love to make them with my own children during the summer. My sons’ in particular feel a strong connection to fairies and are forever leaving their own “Tooth Fairies”  little notes filled with questions along with their milk teeth. Their faces are a picture when they read their replies… Read More


Say hello to Summer with our colourful Bubble Wrap Ice Cream Craft. When the sun is shining and you are enjoying a trip to the beach or the park with your kids, there is nothing better to cool you down than a delicious ice-cream. Unfortunately, ice-cream time on a trip out has become a little more tricky since our middle son was diagnosed as being Dairy Intolerant around a year ago. But we are starting to see more alternatives coming onto the market, which means… Read More