Autumn Leaf Monsters

Are you looking for a quick and simple activity for your kids to enjoy this Fall? Head out together and gather some leaves. Then come home and have fun turning them into Leaf Monsters with a little help from some silly sticky eyes. It sometimes feels like I am never off the school run. Afternoons are the busiest with 3 different pick up times due to our differing after school activity schedules. So it can be hard to squeeze in a spot of quality time… Read More

Halloween Potion Making for Kids

What powers will your Halloween Potion give you? Pour, scoop, squeeze, mix and whisk your way through our spooky potion making station to find out. We can’t walk out of our front door right now, without being scared by a skeleton dangling from a tree or greeted by a giant spider when knocking on a neighbours door. Halloween is just a few days away and excitement levels are rising. Are you all set? Bella is really starting to get to grips with a pencil now… Read More


Will you dare to plunge your hand into the bubbles to see what “surprises” lie beneath them in our Witches Bubbling Brew? Challenge your kids to dip their hands into the bubbles to seek and find each of the ingredients contained within the witches brew. This Halloween sensory play activity is ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and older children to play along with together. Witches Bubbling Discovery Brew Recipe This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Ghoulish Eyeballs Lice Rice Spaghetti Rats Tails Dinosaur bones… Read More

Spooky Sensory bin for Halloween

Will you dare to dig your hands into our Spooky Halloween Sensory Bin this Halloween? Once homework has been tackled and snacks have been gobbled my kids (and mum) are in need of a chill out activity. Something we can all sit down and enjoy together, as we chat about our days and talk about the all important topic – what is for tea??  A spot of colouring or play dough always goes down well, as does setting up a sensory bin to explore. Spooky… Read More

Halloween sensory bin for kids

Sometimes you really need an activity which will keep your kids all in the once place and quiet for a few minutes. Our Spooky Sticker Story Writing challenge ticks both boxes and is perfect for Halloween. Afternoons can get very noisy around here. My kids come in from school hungry, bursting to tell me their news (usually all at the same time) and pick up their games (or fights!) from before they left for school. So when you have a husband who works at home and… Read More


Does your child love to paint? Then try our fun Print and Paint Pumpkins Art Project this Halloween. It uses q-tips instead of brushes, making it an ideal activity to work on creativity and developing strong fine motor skills. Art Projects for Kids Painting is a firm favourite around here. It’s quick and easy to set up and the number of activities and masterpieces you can produce are endless. It’s a brilliant activity to set for kids of all ages to enjoy doing together, which… Read More


Are you looking for an activity to keep your little monsters entertained? Here are 14 monstrous monster activities for you to try with your kids at home. 14 Monster Activities for Kids Monsters don’t have to be scary. They can be silly, cute, quirky, helpful or just a little bit crazy as well. Take a look through this list to find them all. Which one will you try first with your little monsters? Do you remember Fuzzy Felt? Then why not make your own at… Read More

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Are you looking for some fresh new activities to try with your 2nd grader (aged 7-8)? Whether you home school or  you are just looking to supplement your child’s learning at home, then the 2nd Grade Blogging Team is here to help. This week the team is sharing Spider themed activities. We have been busy with some art work this week and had a go at making a Tape Resist Spider Web. Can you guess what we used to make our spider? Learning with Art… Read More

cupcake liner silly monsters

Monsters don’t have to be scary, they can also be very silly. Our Cupcake Liner Silly Monster Craft is perfect for your little monsters to enjoy at Halloween. They also look great on the front of a home-made card. Halloween is only a few weeks away now, which means it must be time to add some monstrous fun to our arts and crafts activities. Last Halloween we had lots fun making our fuzzy felt inspired “Invitation to make…Monsters” . How make Cupcake Liner Silly Monsters Supplies needed… Read More


Make this Haunted House and Spooky Sensory Garden if you dare… We’ve been busy with some more Halloween inspired arts andcrafts projects this week. I have over indulging my children with spooky themed activities to try and make up for the fact that we will not be going trick or treating this year, as we are heading abroad for the mid-term break. Thankfully though the boys will still get a chance to dress up, as their school hosts a big Halloween party on the last… Read More