St Patrick’s Day

A quick and easy kids DIY for St Patrick’s Day for those last minute cards that you still need to send.  St Patrick’s Day has crept up on us much more quickly than I would have liked this year, so all of our activities for it have been a bit last minute. But sometimes it’s good to just get back to basics and enjoy some simple crafts together after school. We love to send a few St Patrick’s Day cards to close relatives, so we… Read More

St Patrick's Day Collage Art for Kids

Challenge your kids to make a St Patrick’s Day themed collage to decorate your walls in March.  We love to sit down together to work on art projects for our walls. We are busy preparing for St Patrick’s Day this month and have been busy making lots of different decorations to hang up at home and to wear at school. The kids school dedicates a whole week to St Patrick. The school is filled with Irish music, the kids are encouraged to dress up and… Read More


Practice pre-writing skills in our Rainbow Rice Sensory Tray. Stimulate your pre-schoolers sense of touch, sight and sound, as they work they work on strengthening their fine motor skills in this sensory based learning activity. Supplies Rainbow Rice (see below) Gold Coins Shamrock Confetti Selection of Mark Making Tools – popsicle sticks, paintbrushes, play dough tools or pencils. Deep Tray Click here to receive a FREE copy of our eBook How to Make Rainbow Rice You will need: Rice Food coloring Zip-loc bags White vinegar… Read More

Shamrock CVC Word Building Game

Are you looking to liven up your literacy learning? Add a fun St Patrick’s Day twist to your CVC word building in March. Perfect for kids in Kindergarten. My daughters Kindergarten class are flying through their letter sounds now and are well over half way through the alphabet. They are starting to blend these sounds together in class to make 3 letter CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant). To help reinforce what she has been learning at school, we set up this fun Shamrock themed literacy… Read More

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13 St Patrick's Day Sensory Plays

Have fun (and get messy) exploring all of your senses with these St Patty’s Day Sensory Plays for kids (and adults!) to enjoy.  There’s nothing lie a spot of sensory play to calm down cranky kids or just while away an afternoon stuck indoors. Why not add a fun St Patrick’s Day twist to your sensory play this March. 13 St Patrick’s Day Sensory Plays for Kids Practice pre-writing skills in our Rainbow Rice Sensory Tray. Stimulate your child’s sense of touch, sight and sound… Read More

Bubble Wrap Shamrock Man. Kids Craft for St Patricks Day.

Add a fun new twist to a classic St Patrick’s Day Kids Craft. Make a Bubble Wrap Shamrock Man. It’s time to kiss goodbye to our Valentine’s Hearts and say hello to some Shamrocks, Leprechauns and Rainbows. St Patrick’s Day wasn’t a festival we paid much attention too, until me moved our family over to Ireland 7 years ago. Now our local parade is  a Spring highlight. As is decorating our home in the run up to St Patrick’s Day. All three of my kids… Read More


Your older siblings are occupied and your youngest is getting restless, as you try to prepare the dinner and fold the laundry. Setting up a quick sensory bin is the perfect weapon to pull out in your fight against the late-afternoon blues. Our St Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin is super quick to set up and will stimulate and entertain your pre-schooler, whilst you finish up your  chores. My son’s were engrossed in a football match outdoors, so Bella was left to her own devices indoors, whilst I… Read More

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Make St Patrick’s Day Fun for your Kids with our activity ideas to decorate, entertain, educate and nourish. Moving over to Ireland has given us even more reason to enjoy and celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Before kids it was an excuse for a night out at a local Irish themed pub, but now it is an opportunity for us to learn about and immerse ourseves in the culture of the country that we have decided to bring our children up in. Locally we enjoy the parade and a… Read More

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Invite your child to play a special game of I-Spy, whilst you wait for the St Patrick’s Day Parade to pass or play along at a Paddy’s Day Party. Our Rainbow Rice I-Spy Bottle is easy to make and will keep your little ones busy for ages. Excitement levels are building in our house for the upcoming St Patrick’s Day Parade. BUT we have a big dilemma this year, do we march with the boys Soccer Club, GAA Club, Karate Club or just enjoy it… Read More


Our latest Bubble Wrap Activity: Roll a Bubble Wrap Rainbow is the perfect project to get all of your kids working together this Spring.  We are gearing up for St Patrick’s Day as well over here, so we added on our very own little pot of god (just in case the boys don’t manage to catch a Leprechaun in their traps!).   I love to get all three of my children involved in as many of our arts and crafts projects as possible. This is… Read More