Sibling Projects

Kandinsky for Kids Lines and Circles

Invite your child to look at a famous work of art and then set them the challenge of creating their own mini master piece. Make a start with our creative Kandinsky for Kids Lines and Circles Art Activity. In an attempt to broaden our artistic horizons we have been busy looking at pictures of famous works of art together. It has been enlightening to hear my own kids thoughts and opinions as we have looked through art books and websites together. And it has been… Read More

Magical Mud Pies

Get back to basics this summer and make some mud pies with your kids. This summer we are stepping back from our screens (for most of the day anyway) and getting back to basics with our summer activities. When the sun is shining we are going to be heading down to the beach or out to the playground, eating picnics and playing games or doing arts and crafts out in our garden. This is where the memories are made, not sitting behind a screen. We… Read More

Sibling Summer Activities

Make this a summer to remember with an action packed activity schedule that is full of activities for siblings to do together. Being a busy mum of 3 kids, I know how hard it can be to juggle long summer days at home with your kids. We all relish the break from our routines that the school holidays bring with them, but the novelty of long lazy mornings can soon wear off and you start to hear calls of “I’m bored” before you know it… Read More

Awesome Outdoor Finger Painting Recipe

Do your windows need cleaning? If so, then mix up our awesome outdoor finger painting recipe. It doubles up as a fun window soap for kids which clean’s your windows, as they play and create. Cleaning the windows is my least favourite household chore, so it rarely gets done. Until I came up with a fun way to get my kids involved in the job. Shaving foam is soap right? So there’s no reason why it can’t be used to soap down windows. Add in… Read More

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under the sea arts and crafts for kids

An Ocean Theme or Preschool Unit is always a winner with kids. There are so many interesting underwater sea creatures for kids to have fun making and learning about. We have pulled together the best under the sea arts and crafts is our ultimate list below. Here is our Ultimate List of Under the Sea Arts and Crafts for Kids Kick off crafting with the biggest mammal in the ocean and make a Paper Plate Whale. Jelly fish are such interesting creatures and  fun to make… Read More

5 cool snowman crafts for kids 1

Snow isn’t the only way to build a snowman. If you don’t have access to the cold stuff, raid your craft supplies instead and paint or make your own snowman. Whilst you keep warm and cosy inside. Snow is not something that my kids have had much experience of yet. I’m pretty sure only my eldest son has seen enough to ride a sledge on. And he is definitely the only one of my kids to have built a snowman outside. Some would say that… Read More


What is your go-to activity for when you just need to get out with your kids? We love to take a trip to the Woods to collect materials for some Creative Nature Collages. You’ve been trapped inside your house all morning. The kids are starting to get restless and you NEED to get them doing something that doesn’t involve wrestling each other, throwing cushions around the room or raiding the cupboards for yet more snacks. Our favourite escape routes is to bundle everybody into the car… Read More

Summer Learning Beach Name Collage Summer Learning Beach Name Collage

Head down to the beach and make a fun Name Collage using stones and pebbles. A fun learning activity for preschoolers working on name recognition. When the weather allows (and sometimes when it doesn’t) we love to pack up a picnic and head down to our local beach. My kids go mad for a spot of hole digging (in pursuit of treasure usually), sandcastle building and paddling fun. It’s also great to bring some of our activities down to the beach. There’s nothing like a… Read More

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Art Projects for Kids Inspired by Famous Artists

Art History is a fun and interesting subject to explore with children of all ages and it’s never too early to start. Famous artists had different ways of creating art, all of which can eagerly be explored by budding young artists too. Different materials and textures can be used to provide a multi-sensory art projects for kids, whilst also teaching children about the history of art. Art Projects for Kids This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Learn about Piet Mondrian and make this pretty sun… Read More

Elmer Day Craft Felt Collage

Celebrate Elmer Day on May 28th with our colorful felt collage that all of your kids can have a go at. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Elmer is no ordinary elephant and nor would he want to be. Elmer is a brightly coloured pathwork elephant with a cheeky sense of humour. Author David Mckee wrote the Elmer the Elephant series to help young children all over the world celebrate their own uniqueness. To celebrate Elmer’s special day I challenged my 3 kids… Read More