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Turn your Glue Resist Art up a notch when you add a Hot Glue Gun to the activity.  I bought myself a hot glue gun a few years back now, but it seems that my kids are getting more use of it than I am. I had grand plans for all of these DIY projects that I was going to complete with it.  But apart from a very impressive Christmas Bauble Wreath, it's barley been out of the cupboard. It was definitely time to dust… Read More

A quick and easy kids DIY for St Patrick's Day for those last minute cards that you still need to send.  St Patrick's Day has crept up on us much more quickly than I would have liked this year, so all of our activities for it have been a bit last minute. But sometimes it's good to just get back to basics and enjoy some simple crafts together after school. We love to send a few St Patrick's Day cards to close relatives, so we… Read More

St Patrick's Day Collage Art for Kids

Challenge your kids to make a St Patrick's Day themed collage to decorate your walls in March.  We love to sit down together to work on art projects for our walls. We are busy preparing for St Patrick's Day this month and have been busy making lots of different decorations to hang up at home and to wear at school. The kids school dedicates a whole week to St Patrick. The school is filled with Irish music, the kids are encouraged to dress up and… Read More

Challenge your kids to craft Spring Chicks over the Spring Break. Setting up an Invitation to Make, is the ideal way to keep kids of different ages busy on the same activity. All you need to do is lay out the materials and then sit back and watch each of a your children use them to make their own individual creations. A few other handy ways to keep siblings playing happily together over the Spring and Easter holiday include Imaginative Play or get the paints our… Read More

Practice pre-writing skills in our Rainbow Rice Sensory Tray. Stimulate your pre-schoolers sense of touch, sight and sound, as they work they work on strengthening their fine motor skills in this sensory based learning activity. Supplies Rainbow Rice (see below) Gold Coins Shamrock Confetti Selection of Mark Making Tools - popsicle sticks, paintbrushes, play dough tools or pencils. Deep Tray Click here to receive a FREE copy of our eBook You will need: Rice Food coloring Zip-loc bags White vinegar Trays Add a cup of… Read More

Enjoy watching your child's imagination come to life when they create their own Piet Mondrian Bookmarks. The ideal kid-made DIY gift for family and friends.  Turning your child's art into a gift for a loved one is a really special way to show somebody how much you mean to them. Grandparents living overseas in particular will love receiving a bookmark. They are guaranteed to make them smile each time they open their book. The work of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian is fascinating for kids… Read More

Kids Rainbow Activities for Spring

 Cheer up a rainy afternoon with a colourful Spring Rainbow Activity. Lots of fun ideas for making and painting rainbows suitable for kids of all ages to enjoy.  There is something magical about rainbows. They really capture young imaginations and cheer up a wet and rainy day. How many times have you chased the end of of a rainbow in pursuit of "treasure" on a day out with the kids? We are still to find the end of one, but we won't stop trying. This… Read More

Shamrock CVC Word Building Game

Are you looking to liven up your literacy learning? Add a fun St Patrick's Day twist to your CVC word building in March. Perfect for kids in Kindergarten. My daughters Kindergarten class are flying through their letter sounds now and are well over half way through the alphabet. They are starting to blend these sounds together in class to make 3 letter CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant). To help reinforce what she has been learning at school, we set up this fun Shamrock themed literacy… Read More

13 St Patrick's Day Sensory Plays

Have fun (and get messy) exploring all of your senses with these St Patty's Day Sensory Plays for kids (and adults!) to enjoy.  There's nothing lie a spot of sensory play to calm down cranky kids or just while away an afternoon stuck indoors. Why not add a fun St Patrick's Day twist to your sensory play this March. Practice pre-writing skills in our Rainbow Rice Sensory Tray. Stimulate your child's sense of touch, sight and sound, as they play with this sensory based learning… Read More

Cat in the Hat CVC Word Building Game

Get ready for Dr Seuss Day on March 2nd with this sensory based literacy activity perfect for Kindergarten aged kids. Use the Cat in the Hat to help build and decode CVC Words.  It's all about building and decoding CVC Words (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) for my daughters Kindergarten homework this term. To help make this a bit more interesting for her, I have been setting up themed CVC Word Activities for her to play with after her post-school snack  (attempt homework on an empty stomach at your… Read More