An old classic…Sponge Painting!

Arts and crafts don’t always have to involve specialist materials. Sometimes all you need to do is look around and see what you already have at home.  It’s definitely worth getting into the habit of saving some of your empty cereal boxes, toilet roll tubes, plastic bottles and bottle tops for arts and crafts projects.Ordinary household … Read more

Collaborative Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft

Collaborative Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft

My eldest son had a very exciting delivery to this classroom last week. Five baby caterpillars. We have been eagerly checking them each school morning to see how much they have grown. They are growing at quite apace.  My son has been explaining to his siblings about how they are going to turn into cocoons … Read more

Paper Plate Mini Beasts – Ladybirds, Bees and Snails

My toddler is obsessed with Mini Beasts. She gets so excited each time she spots a bumble bee or a ladybird, a little too excited at times and a few poor ladybirds have met an untimely end! She doesn’t love all mini-beasts though, she’s not that keen on flies or spiders, as she thinks they’re … Read more

When Crafting goes wrong…

I love doing Arts and Crafts with my kids and for the most part they love it too, but our activities don’t always go to plan. When you are dealing with three kids under the age of 6, there is plenty of potential for tears, tantrums, spillages and wreckages along the way. Last week we … Read more

Brilliant Bubble Wrap Jellyfish Craft for Kids

bubblewrap jellyfish

Are you looking for a new craft project that ALL of your kids can enjoy doing together? Gather your left over bubble wrap, grab some googly eyes and set them the task of creating their own Bubble Wrap Jellyfish craft. I like to encourage my three children to get involved in choosing the arts and … Read more

Liebster Awards

I recently received a nomination for a Liebster award from @itsninasblog via Twitter which was very exciting indeed. The Liebster awards are to help spread the word about new blogs with less than 200 followers. I had to answer 11 questions set by Nina and then I have to make my own nominations and set … Read more

Home-made thank you cards for toddlers

Birthday cards, Thank You cards, Get Well Soon cards, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards and the list goes on and on.  There always seems to be an occasion coming up which is in need of a card.  The cost of buying all of the cards you need soon adds up.  Why not make some … Read more

Letter learning with Playdough

Arts and crafts are a great way to make learning fun.  My pre-schooler is very keen on learning letters at the moment, so I’m busy coming up with ideas on how to build this into our daily activities.  He is a massive fan of play dough so I thought it would be great to combine … Read more

A little bit of imagination and a lot of pink paint!

    Doing arts and crafts with your children can be daunting to some, especially when you are faced with such perfect examples on the huge number of arts and crafts websites now available. However, not all arts and crafts projects take meticulous planning or require lengthy trips to the art and hobby store for … Read more