How to use an apple to explain basic fractions

basic fractions apples

Gets hands on with an apple to explain basic fractions to your second grader. Over here at Crafty Kids at Home, I love to get all 3 of my children involved in most of our activities. However, now that my eldest son is moving up into 2nd Class (equivalent to 2nd Grade) when he goes … Read more

Autumn Trees for 2-6 year olds to do together

Are you looking for an autumn arts and crafts project that all of your children can enjoy doing together? Why not make our giant autumn tree collage! You will also find lots more ideas for simple autumn tree projects for kids here as well.   Fall is finally here! We are already starting to enjoying … Read more

Autumn Owl Collages

This awesome autumn owl collage is ideal for toddlers and pre-schoolers working on shape recognition, as well as for their older siblings to enjoy alongside them. Ahead of the activity, I cut out circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, stars and diamonds from red, yellow and orange paper to reflect the colours of autumn. I then laid … Read more

Hello Autumn Bubble Painting for Kids

Celebrate the arrival of Autumn with this fun Bubble Painting Activity for kids. Autumn in our favourite season. I love all of the changing colours and the freshness in the air after the summer. And the kids love getting back to school after the long summer break (or is that me as well?). It’s also a … Read more