Neon Leaf Fish

Neon Leaf Fish

After dropping the boys off at school the other day, I took Little Miss B on a leaf hunt. Autumn is my favourite season. I love to watch the leaves change colour and when they fall from the trees we get a much better sea view out of our back windows. We collected a selection of different shaped leaves and set off back home full of ideas on what to do with them. Now Little Miss B did insist on hanging onto some of them on the way home and not all made it back in one piece, but for those that did I had a lovely joint project in mind for all three of my kids to get involved in.

We have already done a lot of good old leaf painting and printing this month, so I wanted to try something a little bit different with these leaves. Instead of painting the leaves and printing them, I decided we would attach the leaves to the paper and then paint around them. I attached the leaves with a little blu-tac and then armed Little Miss B with a sponge and a plate of blue paint. She had a great time stamping all over the leaves and the paper until it was all covered blue. We then had to wait for the boys to come home from school before starting the next step of this joint project.


The paint was lovely and dry by the time the boys arrived home. I set them the task of turning the leaf shapes into beautiful neon coloured fish using our new neon sharpie pens. I wouldn’t let my toddler loose with sharpies, as they are permanent markers and she could do serious damage to our house with them! This was a lovely quiet after school activity for them to wind down and it provided the perfect opportunity to talk about their days. They boys took great care in colouring in each of their fish and then added in some googly eyes to finish them off.

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  1. So much fun combining two different art techniques! And result looks awesome! Thank you for adding this post to Tots at Play: L is for Leaves linky. You're welcome to add any of your newly published posts or those from archives to any of our existing (or future) Tots at Play linkies. Now I'm off to schedule this and to promote it a bit around the net. 🙂 Thank you again!

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