St Patricks Day Activities for Kids


Make St Patrick’s Day Fun for your Kids with our activity ideas to decorate, entertain, educate and nourish.

St Patricks Day Activities for Kids

Moving over to Ireland has given us even more reason to enjoy and celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Before kids it was an excuse for a night out at a local Irish themed pub, but now it is an opportunity for us to learn about and immerse ourseves in the culture of the country that we have decided to bring our children up in.

Locally we enjoy the parade and a family trip to the funfair. The kids love to check out the colourful displays in the shop windows and enjoy the school celebrations in the run up to the day. They especially love that they get to take the day off school, as St Patrick’s Day is a National Holiday over here in Ireland.

At home we enjoy making decorations and adding a St Patricks Day theme to our After School Activities and snacks.

How will you be celebrating St Patricks Day this year?

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St Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Here are our favourite St Patricks Day Activities for Kids so far on the blog:

Add a quirky new twist to a Shamrock Man craft.

Painting fans will love to Roll a Bubble Wrap Rainbow and add on a Pot O’Gold at the end.

Super quick St Patricks’s themed Sensory Bin.

Keep the kids busy with a very special game of I-Spy in our Rainbow Rice I-spy Bottle.

Choose from 10 Fun Pot’O Gold Activities.

Mix up a St Patricks Day Potion in our Sensory Water Play Activity.

Practise pre-writing skills in our Rainbow Rice Sensory Writing Tray.

Make Bubble Wrap Shamrock decorations to hang up at home.

Bake a batch or two of our Savoury Shamrock Snacks.

Read about the Origins of the Shamrock.

Get hands on with some Maths in our Sensory Rainbow Rice Math Addition Bin for The Kindergarten Connection.

Click here to receive a FREE copy of our eBook

Free eBook 25+ Kids Painting Ideas



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